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The composite material, which our products are made of and which is more popularly known as Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP/ FGRP) or Glass-Àbre Reinforced Polyester (GRP), has proven advantages over other conventional material primarily because of its multiple properties, high strength to weight ratio, versatility & cost effectiveness in long term use.

All the input materials used in production are of high quality, procured from manufacturers of international repute.


All our products are the result of superior quality input material blended with the efforts of a qualiÀed design and production team under the guidance of a highly professional and efÀcient management team.

  • Our polyester cabinets are available in two basic categories depending on their dimensions;
    • Single Shutter type
    • Double Shutter type
  • Each of the above cabinet type is available in various standard dimensions and design as detailed in their respective dimension tables.
  • Various accessories are available as standard and optional depending on the dimensions and type of cabinets.
  • All our polyester cabinets have the protection of a gel-coat layer on the weather exposed surfaces which renders it resistant to UV rays, resistant to corrosive and chemical environments and virtually suitable for all climatic conditions.
  • Standard speciÀcations and properties of cabinets are as per Product Data Sheet.

Note: Options of client speciÀed properties; dimensions; designs; thickness


Our Polyester (GRP) cabinets are ideal for any industry which needs to house and protect electrical equipments, electronic devices, telecommunication instruments, fire fighting components, etc.

These cabinets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions. Our cabinets can be installed in salty, chemically corrosive and harsh environments as well.